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Dark Knight Rises™ Slot Game

Hold the press! We just got the best news of the day, in fact the news of the century! Microgaming has secured the rights from DC Comics and Warner Brothers for a Dark Knight Rises™ slot game. Following hot on the hills of the blockbuster movie the Dark Knight video slot is set to be released at the end of August and can be played at all Microgaming casinos. We can’t wait to see what this brand new slot game has in store. Judging by some of the imagery released like the game poster below the Dark Knight Rises slot game will again be a high quality game featuring realistic imagery and of course our favourite hero the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight Rises slot game
Dark Knight Slot Game


The Dark Knight™ Slot game is one of the most anticipated Slot games of the year and we are dedicated to bringing you all the Dark Knight™ Slot game news you need to know. The game is going to be themed around the first two Dark Knight™ Movies from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises will not feature in this slot game but Microgaming have released news that another game will be released next year with these characters featuring.


The Dark Knight™ Slot game will be launched on 28 June 2012 about one month before the Dark Knight Rises movie so fans can get a Batman fix while they wait. The Dark Knight™ Slot game will feature super-sized jackpots and amazing new features, it is going to be one of the most popular online slot games of the year.


Dark Knight


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